Law Challenges in Indonesia, from Drugs to Terrorism


Over time, law challenges in Indonesia keep increase. Even though, there are so many changes in several aspects, especially in politics, social, and economy. Indonesia has transformed in so many ways, from an authoritarian regime in Soeharto’s era into one of the most enthusiastic to hold decentralized democracies in Asia.

This remarkable transformation is a huge achievement considering its high vulnerability to disasters, its large diverse population with numerous ethnicities, and its geographical fragmentation. Indonesia gradually accomplishes microeconomics and political stability. It can be reached through Millennium Development Goal targets, from middle-income country status to be welcomed of the G20.

However, besides the huge achievements above, some challenges also increase significantly. The transformation brings society to a new lifestyle that requires money. The society also becomes more liberal along with various ideologies and cultures that penetrate this system.

law challenges in Indonesia
law challenges in Indonesia

Drugs and Terrorism

The most problematic law challenges in Indonesia are when it comes to drugs. The abuse of forbidden drugs to use without prescription grows rapidly along the time. From ordinary people to public figure, the number of drug users always increase without any doubt.

This significant number has a strong correlation with the HIV/AIDS case. As the major manufacturer for an amphetamine-type stimulant, the statistic of HIV/AIDS keeps growing gradually. 40% of these HIV/AIDS cases are from injecting among drug users. Besides, more drug user means more drug trafficking issues. It belongs to illegal crimes to trade some kind of drugs that are forbidden in a country.

On the other side, terrorism remains available in a smaller case. It started from Bali bombings back then in 2002 and 2005 which attacks J.W Marriot. 4 years later in 2009, the bombing targeted the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Jakarta. Although there are no huge bombing issues nowadays, terrorism still grow undercover that should be examined faster.

law challenges in Indonesia

Human trafficking and Corruption Issues

From all the problems, the biggest and main law challenges in Indonesia are human trafficking corruption. These two problems seem to have no end. Among the South East Asia countries, Indonesia becomes a transit and target destination for the illegally smuggled and trafficked persons.

Indonesian becomes the easiest target to be trapped by offering a better job. The patterns of human trafficking are further exacerbated by any internal strife, like poverty, underemployment, and organized crime. Generally, the common aspect to make people interested in this offer is because of the promise to get a better life.

Actually, some efforts to break this crime have been addressed. But, challenges keep coming from the prominent role where corruption happens. Even in 2011, Indonesia was in position number 100 from 183 countries ranked in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. It has been 10 years since then, however, the susceptibility to corruption still encountered until now.

Nowadays, Indonesia has advanced stronger institutional programs. It turns out with the succession of election and decentralization reforms. The agenda to combat corruption also reforms with the emergence of an anti-corruption institution. Still, it requires strengthening the transparency mechanism and law enforcement agencies to fight all kinds of law challenges in Indonesia.

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