The Peak of Human Rights Abuse in Papua; Amnesty


Amnesty International Indonesia finally has summoned the Indonesian government over human rights abuse in Papua. It is being the peak after numerous of several killing cases in Indonesia’s easternmost region. Amnesty sees the people of both West Papua and Papua always being the victims of these violations conducted by state actors.

Regarding the reports, more than 44 Papuans prison facing rebellion charges and treason by June 8. Polices arrested them even no evidence of any crime, they just taking part in a peaceful protest about Papuans. Another report has specified that more than 26 unlawful killings case by security forces, from March 2018 to May 2020.

Recently, between April and June 2020, there are 114 hacking along with digital intimidation towards human rights activists. The number of intimidation and discrimination has increased significantly. Across history, the violence in Papua has been started a long time ago. Unfortunately, it hasn’t finished until now.

Racism and Human Rights Abuse in Papua

The racism and abuse of Papuans have boomed after a video of Papuans students who were racially abused by Indonesian militias got around the public. The rumors said that these students had provoked by damaging the Indonesian flag flying on August 17, 2019. This incident led to a huge demonstration of over 30 cities and some rioting by burning down some local parliament building.

After that incident, video footage of police shooting some live ammunition toward Papuan protesters posted online. This incident happened on August 28, in Deiyai. At least 8 Papuans and a soldier were killed. Furthermore, 39 other Papuans also got injured. In the end, police arrested 16 Papuans and charged them with rioting.

A moment later, on September 1, some police and its allies (soldiers armed) joined to surrounding Papuan student dorm located in Jayapura. At that moment, a Papuan student was found dead after being stabbed, while over 20 Papuans were also injured.

At the end of September 23-24, more than 43 Papuans were killed and over 1.500 people had to be evacuated from Wamena to Jayapura by air. After that moment, the case of discrimination still grows rapidly. Some students found to march and burn the local regent office after getting racial taunts by their teacher.

human rights abuse in Papua
human rights abuse in Papua

Papuan Lives Matter

The murder case of George Floyd by a white policeman in Minneapolis, USA, has a similar pattern to human rights abuse in Papua. It pointed out that intimidation and discrimination also happened around our daily activities. It happens regularly to these indigenous Papuans, although they are also Indonesian.

The government also gives a huge influence on this discrimination pattern. Even, the Jakarta District Court has ruled that Jokowi and his minister, Johny G Plate, have violated the law. They are found guilty after throttling and blocking the internet bandwidth during the protest for discrimination for Papuans from August to September 2019.

human rights abuse in Papua

Numerous incidents that being proof of intimidation and discrimination toward Papuans has been started a long time ago, it is time to fix it up. The justice and unity can’t be adjusted if the tolerance level among Indonesian still at low level. It is the best way to decrease the number of human rights abuse in Papua.

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