death penalty in Indonesia


The death penalty in Indonesia has been criticized by almost all elements of the society, both nationally and internationally. Critics assume that the death penalty can’t significantly deter the crime along with the human rights issue. The objectives of punishment have to give new opportunities for criminals to reintegrate with society by reeducating and rehabilitating, not killing them.

Globally, the number of countries that apply the execution penalty keep degrades from time to time. Indonesia also does the objection to that fact, but some internal support from domestic to hold the death penalty seems too overwhelming in any circumstances.

Truthfully, only a few governments in the world are willing to eliminate the execution when they have to bear the cost of high political cost, including the Indonesian government. Still, no compromises and alternatives are found to replace this penalty.

death penalty in Indonesia
death penalty in Indonesia

A Brief Overview towards the Death Penalty in Indonesia

The most memorable and appraisable death penalty was given to 3 people involved with the Bali bombing event. Indonesia itself has been known to its death penalty for anything related to drug trafficking. Even though, numerous people who get caught can easily escape, while others can’t.

The death penalty will be executed through the law, after the criminal appeals are ended, or their clemency bids are rejected. The most prominent party to support the death penalty is former president SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono).

SBY has legalized an execution towards 3 Christian militants back then in 2004 although some people concern about the international human rights group, whether the criminals got a fair trial or not. SBY also stated in public that he won’t pardon to drug offenders.

death penalty in Indonesia
death penalty in Indonesia

The execution in Indonesia is carried out by specially trained firing squad. After granted any final wishes, the squad will take the prisoner to a field with 12 gunmen. No witnesses or family are allowed to watch the execution.

The shot is aimed at the criminal’s chest with a single shot from each 12 gunmen rifle. If this treatment can’t kill the criminal at that time, the commander will shot the head by a point-blank shot. It was how it went for prisoner Ahmad Suradji who murdered 42 women in 1990 and 2 Nigerians over drug trafficking charges.

Crimes Punishable by Death Penalty in Indonesia

Despite the expansiveness scope of the death penalty, actually, it has been executed for seriously aggravated murder, drug trafficking, and terrorism. However, there still a possibility to apply it as the statutory provision. Under the law, these are a list of criminal offenses that may carry to death;

  1. Attempt to deprive either president or vice-president of their life or render them unfit to govern
  2. Aid Indonesia’s most enemies at a war
  3. Kill the head of a friendly state
  4. Incite rebellion against a state defense during the war
  5. Produce, transit, or import psychotropic drugs
  6. Do corruption under certain circumstances
  7. Acts of terrorism
  8. Develop, produce, obtain, transfer, or use of any chemical weapons
  9. Espionage
  10. Sexual assault against children causing serious injury or death towards multiple victims

Along with the list above, other numerous criminal offenses also may lead to the death penalty; such as premeditated murder, piracy resulting in death, gang robbery, and the others. Like it or not, the death penalty in Indonesia keeps showing significant numbers tracked despite criticism from around the world.

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