5 Laws in America That Turned Out to Torment Many People


A country must have a legal system to bring justice to the community. But, many laws have turned out to create social jealousy for some minorities. Dark history of the law occurs because of the making of rules that are impartial and unjust.

Now, we want to talk about the USA laws that turned out to harm many people. Although it looks safe and secure, America apparently has a dark history of the law. At least many innocent victims actually get prison sentences to the death penalty. The following are some of the frightening laws that have ever run in the US.

1. Alien and Sedition Act

The Alien and Sedition Act was a law that immigrants fear most. This law was applied during the leadership of John Adam. He was quite popular because he was the Founding Father of the US country. Also, he was also the leader who was fighting to get freedom from the Britain.

Alien and Sedition Act
Alien and Sedition Act

The Alien and Sedition Act was first promulgated and signed in 1798 as a country law. According to history from trusted expert poker uang asli , this law contained the detention as well as deportation of immigrants who were considered and known as a ‘threat’ to the government of the United States.

Not only for immigrants, but several states such as Virginia and Kentucky have also officially protested due to this regulation. It was not a good luck because the governments did not even listen to them.

2. Public Law 503 and Executive Order 9066

This regulation was sparked when World War II began. This regulation was spread throughout America through the Franklin D. Roosevelt order in 1942. It contained a command to  arrest all Japaneses in the USA.

Public Law 503 and Executive Order 9066
Public Law 503 and Executive Order 9066

The problem was still the same, the person would become a threat to the local government. After this rule spread, more than 120,000 Japanese on the west coast were imprisoned. This amount was not only adult men but also women and children. Whereas those who refused this order would also be punished and lose all their possessions.

3. Espionage Act 1917

The country would give a reward to anybody who had brilliant ideas or opinions about the USA country in the future. Somehow, the reality that existed during World War 1 where the US government made a regulation which was knows as the Espionage Act 1917  that aimed to arrest the country’s socialist thinkers.

Espionage Act 1917
5 dark history of the law : Espionage Act 1917

This law was created for fear of massive military interference and recruitment. Also, many of them committed many violations and issued a slightly conspicuous opinion. In fact, to develop a country, their thinking is needed. Fortunately, this law has been revoked.

4. Sedition Act 1918

This  rule was replacing the Espionage Act 1917 law which received strong protests from the citizens and community. But, after this regulation went on, things became even worse.

Most of the thinkers felt limited and restricted to express their opinions that they wanted to point out to the congress. But, the government does not consider them to exist.

Sedition Act 1918
5 dark history of the law : Sedition Act 1918

All forms of opinion relating to the government would be rejected outright. Not only that, when saying about the government, the flag and also the military in harsh words would also get punishment from the government. No half-hearted, the government could torture and imprison up to 20 years in jail.

5. Transfer of Indigenous People

This law was known as ‘Indian Removal which was made and passed by President Andrew Jackson.  Firstly, this rule had a specific goal so that indigenous people could learn how to grow crops in Europe countries. The president created the rule to exchange indigenous land for European goods.

Because of the rules for exchanging, Andrew moved the indigenous people from west of the Mississippi River to the north of the river.

Transfer of Indigenous People
Transfer of Indigenous People

But, instead of getting welfare, the displaced indigenous people suffered and starved so that many people died due to this regulation.

In conclusion, we know that the US is a powerful country in the world, but it does not mean that the US country has a good history, especially in terms of the law.

However, today’s law is even better because the US really wants to give real justice to the community. Perhaps, the former cruel law can be a lesson for the current government.

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